Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Georgia's Type" 6x6in watercolor on Aquaboard


Took a little tropical detour from the promised roses.  The aquaboard just loves red, so when I saw this lovely bloom, I knew it was destined for a watercolor.  Have you figured out the title?  Georgia, as in O'Keefe.  This flower just seemed like one Georgia would have chosen to paint, though she would have done it huge and straight on instead of a small profile.  Back to roses tomorrow.

Reference photo was taken on July 25.  There were several of these blooms, at the bottom of the terrace where the temporary barrier was put up while they work on the pond.  Most of these (again not sure what they are) were past their peak.  Even this has a slight hole in the petal which I liked.  Beauty. No perfection.


Susie M said...

I like the darker background. Leaves it totally popping out. Looks like it may be some kind of iris, near the pond..

Christy Mullen said...

Yes, the dark green especially works well against the red. You are right, it was by the pond.