Monday, March 21, 2011

"Cheerful Return"

6 x 8" 
Oil on linen panel (Ray Mar)

I am so happy to be back posting a painting again.  I am long overdue.  What a crazy month it's been.  I attempted to post last weekend, but did not complete the painting to my liking.  It was my first "wiper" as Carol Marine would say.  I think the problem was that I attempted a subject with too much small detail (a Japanese flowering apricot bloom).  It would be much better suited to my detailed watercolors.  The oils should have bolder, larger brushstrokes.  So, I started again with a bolder, larger subject with this daffodil or jonquil.  My friend, Hunter, called all daffodil's jonquils.  I'm not sure I know the difference.  Anyone?  Or is that just another way Virginians like to set themselves apart from the rest of the Union?

Reference photo was taken on March 13.  It was such a warm Sunday afternoon.  The gardens were full.  This particular daffodil was enjoying the day with her buddies on the terrace under a gorgeous blooming saucer magnolia.  Look for that painting soon.