Monday, April 11, 2011

"Bell Flower"

6 x 6"
Watercolor on aquabord (by Ampersand)
$75 + $10 shipping within the US

I'm finally back to painting on aquabord.  Ampersand had been back ordered on their small aquabords for months.  Apparently they've come up with a new mixture for these clay coated hardboards.  So far I can't tell any difference from the earlier ones.  I'm glad to be able to use these again.  Love the way you can lift the paint off easier to lighten areas and create highlights.  

Reference photo taken on March 13.  These lovely little flowers came from a Bell Flowering Taiwan Cherry tree.  There are a few to the left of the rose garden along the temporary path made while they work on the new rose garden.  I believe they are putting a fountain in the center.  I loved the shape of these little blooms.  The painting almost looks like an azalea, but the flowers actually hung down like so:

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Susie M said...

Also looks a bit like a hibiscus... I haven't checked your paintings out for awhile... so nice to see some new ones :-).