Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Standing True"

6" x 8"
oil on linen panel (by Ray Mar)

Happy Easter, all!   First I need to apologize for the photo quality on this one.  The colors are a bit washed out.  I had the hardest time getting the colors correct.  The blue sky is not as cyan as shown here and the lavender flowers at the bottom have more magenta in them - a deeper purple.  When I get those colors correct the red in the tulip becomes way too saturated.  I don't know why my Canon could not get the colors even.  As for the painting, I probably fussed too much in the details, so it took longer than it should have.  I think I need to start timing myself, so I get more spontaneous brush work.  I wanted to soften the edges in the background, though, to give that out-of-focus effect.  

Reference photo was taken on April 13.  The clouds were so lovely that day, I just had to back up and show them off.  Loved the unique color of these tulips as well. 

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Tom Fox said...

Lovely colours and great focus there - glad to have stumbled on this blog!