Monday, January 17, 2011


5¾ x 5¾"
watercolor on mounted Arches Rough (Art Boards)
$75 + $10 shipping within the US

The hardest part about painting this one was getting the underside of that sideways leaf the correct color. You'd think dark green since it's in the shade, but it was reflecting the snow, so had a gray cast. Tricky.  I think I pulled it off.  Also worked hard to get the main leaf to look waxy and thick. Again, a bit tricky, but it turned out to my liking. Still, it took longer than expected, which is why this is posted today and not on Friday.  Hope to get back to posting three a week.
Reference photo taken on December 27. Yes, that same snowy day.  This lucky camellia bud was in the sun, so all the snow had melted off.  

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