Monday, January 10, 2011

"Thawing Beauty"

5¾ x 5¾" 
watercolor on mounted Arches Cold Press (Art Boards)

Sorry for the long hiatus, but hopefully this one will be worth it.  I've got a new job which will make it difficult for me to paint daily, but I'll post as often as I can.  Once I was able to find the time, this one actually did not take as long as it may appear.  I love the contrast between the soft background and the sharp berries.  It's similar to "Droplet" in that respect.

Reference photo was taken on December 27, the day after the "winter wonderland" snow we got in Durham. This is a beauty-berry or callicarpa cathayana. I remembered to take a photo of the sign this time.  There's a beautiful bush located just to the right of the path close to the parking lot as you are coming up from the Gate of the Maple Stream. 

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Bella said...

Damn Christy! I wish I had seen this one. It is so lovely and I definitely would have purchased it! Will you paint some more Beauty-Berry?? That was such a great day.