Monday, December 27, 2010


5¾" x 5¾"
watercolor on mounted Arches Rough (Art Board)

This one is a bit of a departure.  No little blurred circles in the background.  I was just taken by this photo.  I never move or arrange anything I photograph, so these two leaves were just sitting like this on the rock.  The rock, by the way, was a bit of a challenge to paint.  I probably spent too much time on it, but at least it shows the texture I wanted.  

Reference photo was November 17. I know. It's not very seasonal, but I promise to get better about painting from more current photo sessions in the garden.  In fact, today I had a great time taking photos in the snow.  We'll see how those turn out.  For now, enjoy the ginkgo.  It is my favorite fall tree.  This one's right by the Dawn Redwood.

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