Monday, December 13, 2010

"Together but One"

5¾ x 5¾"
watercolor on mounted Arches Cold Press (Art Board)

I played around a lot with the composition on this one.  I wanted it off center, but I also wanted there to be some interest in the background that draws the eye.  I was a bit worried that the background and the focal flower would compete too much.  It's a tight balance. This was the first time I tried the self adhesive board from Art Board.  I wanted to see if the Arches Cold Press would be different if I adhered it myself.  It was a little different, but not by much, so I'll probably go back to using their pre-mounted Cold Press.

Reference photo was taken on September 26.  Again on the terrace.  And again, I don't know the name of these little yellow flowers. 

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