Monday, November 8, 2010

"Hi ya"


This is the last of the tulips for a while.  I had fun with the composition on this one.  I felt like the little one was saying "hi" to the larger one - thus the title.  I was also pleased with the contrast of the bright red against the black shaded stone wall.

The reference photo was from that same gorgeous day of the tulips - March 31, 2010. Seeing the stone terrace wall gives you a better sense that this was taken at Duke Gardens.  I may on occasion back away from my intimate moments to give a wider scope of the gardens.  Something to think about for future paintings.


Audrey Bunt said...

Like the great line "you had me at hello" I would say "you had me when I saw flowers. Great work!

Christy Mullen said...

Love the Jerry Maguire reference. Thanks for the compliment. Also enjoyed perusing your blog. You do lovely work as well.