Tuesday, November 9, 2010



This watercolor is a slight departure in that I've gone back to using watercolor paper.  This is Arches Cold Press paper mounted on a natural fiber board by Artboard.  It is thicker than the other panels and has a slot for hanging on the back.  So, I've gone from working on the aquaboard which is not as absorbent as regular watercolor paper to this mounted Cold Press which is very absorbent.  The mounting process must fuse the fiber with the paper because it has a very soft, almost fuzzy surface.  The painting, therefore, has a very soft appearance which is perfect for this subject.

The reference photo was taken on March 31. Unfortunately, I can not recall where these peach colored blossoms were.  It was either on a small tree on the terrace or on the path walking towards the small iron bridge.  Sorry.  If anyone knows, please tell me.


Missy said...

This looks to me like a Quince. Do you remember if it had big thorns - if so, it definitly was quince. Quince blooms in the early spring and can be this color, pink or white. Love the composition!

Christy Mullen said...

I think you are right. It was a Quince, but I don't remember seeing any thorns. Glad you like it!