Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Peeking Daffodil"


I'm getting used to using this aquaboard.  You can pick up colors more easily to leave white. It does not allow for the colors to play as much, though, as you would with paper.  I was happy with the vibrant contrast in this one.
The reference photo was taken on March 31.  Many variety of daffodils are showcased on the terrace along with the tulips.  These were on the lower level by one of the stone benches.  A lovely place to ponder.


Susie M said...

How does the water "move" on the board? Seems it would either be v. absorbant or not at all... it's turned out beautifully anyway!

Christy Mullen said...

The board is not as absorbent as regular watercolor paper which can make the colors more vibrant. It definitely behaves differently, so it has been fun to experiment. Glad you like it. :-)